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Trees: A Restoration Solution!

Increase Virginia Beach's Trees to Improve Water Quality, Lessen Flooding and Increase Habitat

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Trees are critical to the restoration of Virginia Beach's waterways.

Water and trees are integrally linked. Trees hold soils in place and reduce erosion and the runoff of sediment into our waters. Trees store gallons of water, helping to keep our lawns and streets from flooding. They absorb nutrients and keep those nutrients from polluting our waters and causing excess algae. Trees take in carbon dioxide that could otherwise be dissolved in the ocean, making the ocean waters more acidic and damaging marine life including the native oyster population our community has worked so hard to revive.

You can be a part of planting more trees in Virginia Beach! Recognize a loved one with a lasting gift by planting a tree in their honor or memory, or invest in the Tree Fund with a donation today.

Your donation to the Tree Fund will support city-wide giveaways of native trees; large plantings of native trees in cooperation with local partners; and educate citizens about how to live cooperatively with large trees and care for them throughout their lifespan.

The Kenneth Greif Tree Fund was started by Andrew and Barbara Fine after receiving an unexpected bequest from their close friend, Kenneth Greif. They choose to seed this fund by donating his bequest because they view planting trees as a living legacy and critical investment in our future.