You Can Make a Difference for Virginia Beach's Waterways!

YOU are vital to our work and success!

You Can Make a Difference for Virginia Beach's Waterways! image

YOU are vital to our work and success!

Your Generosity Produces Real Results!

Your donation provides critical support for the restoration and protection of our local waters.

Together we accomplished this and much more:

  • Today, more than 40% of the Lynnhaven River meets the high standards of safe for oyster harvesting due to LRNow's intensive efforts to identify and reduce pollution, educate and engage our policy makers and citizens on best practices to restore the health of our waterways, and build acres of sanctuary oyster reefs. When LRNow began 18 years ago, only 1% of the river met this standard.
  • Virginia Beach’s tree canopy was expanded by 500 new trees in Ocean Lakes in 2020. Trees are critical to the restoration of Virginia Beach's waterways. They hold soils in place and reduce erosion and the runoff of sediment into our waters. Trees store gallons of water, helping to keep our lawns and streets from flooding. They absorb nutrients and keep those nutrients from polluting our waters and causing excess algae. Trees take in carbon dioxide that could otherwise be dissolved in the ocean, making the ocean waters more acidic and damaging marine life including the native oyster population our community has worked so hard to revive.
  • 5,500 Virginia Beach households throughout the city committed to use environmentally-friendly practices in their homes with our Pearl Home program.
  • Over $1 million in federal grants secured by LRNow will create 15-20 acres of new sanctuary oyster reefs in the Lynnhaven River in 2021. These new reefs will make a difference in water filtration, habitat restoration, and food resources.

With your donation and partnership, we can continue to make great strides in restoring and protecting Virginia Beach waterways for generations to come!